Rather than cleaning one’s hands, why not clean your daily items? It is time for advanced prevention. UV PowerBox Pro works simple and offers a proactive yet simple way to sterilize your day to day items. In the morning when you arrive at your work and at night when you get back home.

Just place any personal item (phone, glasses, keys, face masks, wallet, watch, pens, jewelry, etc.) in the sterilization box and start your journey towards a clean and virus free environment.
Apart from this you can charge your phone at the same time with the integrated 10W fast wireless charger!

This is the ideal sterilizer at the office or home to keep viruses at bay! And all this in just 18 minutes in express mode or 30 minutes for the deep cleanse mode.

UVC light is invisible radiation that works on a 253 nm wavelength. Compare it to a less strong UV radiation like sunlight. It is widely accepted that these short, energetic wavelength of light kill pathogens, viruses and bacteria by rupturing the cell walls. UVC is a staple method of sterilisation - one used in ventilations, cosmetics industry, hospitals, airplanes, offices and factories every day. As a result, this form of UVC is now one of the front line tools in the fight against Covid-19. Banks are using UVC emitting robots to disinfect bank notes around the clock and even before Covid.

Specifications : Lamp type: UVC 253.3, UV+Ozone Sterilization function, Wirless output: 10W (Max), Input, 5V / 2A, 9V / 2A, UV lamp output: 2W (Max)
Accessories : 1 USB cable, 1 User Manual

Colour: White
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 12 cm
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